"The Agile development is a cancer" (c)

This evident thought started to reach some people who are able to deliver this simple message to the masses.

Erik Meijer: "Agile is a cancer that we have to eliminate from the industry"

Indeed, Agile is not the cause of problems in the industry but only the result of inadequate attempts to resolve them in a blunt manner: applying the technology of material production assembly (Toyota-like Scrum/Canban) for the whole software development process. However, there are two main problems that gave rise this cancer:

  • a huge increase of people working as a programmer but who don't have special education in the field of computer systems;
  • "in-house" enterprise development has externalized.

This trend already developing about last 15-20 years. It was described in more detail in my book "Brain defragmentation. Software development inside" (in Russian).


About Agile

Agile is giving into nontechnical managers who want software changes implemented as fast as possible because their boss is pressuring (threatening) them to deliver by a certain date regardless. It is short term thinking. It says "Deliver early and often." This is a horrible idea. Just think it through.