Installing Delphi 7 on Windows 7/8/10/Server 2012

How to install and use Delphi 7 and help files on Windows 8/10 or Server 2012.


Start Delphi setup and install all required items including help files.

In Windows 8/10/Server 2012 or later (should work on Windows 7 too):

  • Create the shortcut to Delphi32.exe
  • Open shortcut properties and set "run as administrator" option
  • Add Delphi to the of DEP (Data Execution Prevention). Go to My Computer - Properties - Advanced System Settings - Performance Settings - Data Execution Prevention
  • Check that Delphi 7 started correctly
  • In case of problem set the compatibility "Windows XP SP2" in shortcut options (not recommended)

Delphi HLP files

Since Windows Vista the WinHlp32.exe program isn't more supported. You should download corresponding version from Microsoft web site and install it. For example:

WinHlp32.exe for Windows 7
WinHlp32.exe for Windows 8

Unfortunately, there is no official way to install WinHlp32 on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 10. The only workaround is to copy it from an other system. In my case I take it from my old Windows XP SP3 (32 bits). Later versions extracted from Win7/Win8 packages don't work for me.

You must have the rights of administrator to do following actions:

  • Go to Windows folder
  • Find existing WinHlp32 file and open its properties
  • In security tab add your user name with full rights
  • Rename this file to winhlp32.exe.bak
  • Copy WinHlp32.exe instead

From now Delphi 7 help works fine!

P.S. Cohabit fine with Delphi XE 10.x on the same machine.


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Delphi in 2016?
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Delphi Moves to 12th Place (up 8 places from 2015)
Have a look at the 2016 TIOBE index and see welcoming news. Delphi moves up 8 places in one year.

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Windows in 2016?
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Delphi 5

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Delphi 7 help files with Win 8 etc.

Saved my bacon. Thanks! The one thing I'd never thought to try was to copy the version from my old XP system.. worked super.